Ambelika ®


The company's main activities are:

  • technological development of biomaterials and improvement under the brand AMBELIKA®;
  • production of exclusive textiles, including biotextiles

Company's business concept - to grow and develop, put into practice latest innovations in ecologically pure product technology designed to improve human health, delay aging and to maintain a high standard of living.


"JLU Technologies” manufactures a wide range of high quality hosiery. This product is characterized by innovative textile use (including silver) as base material.



Product toe is sewn by new seamless technology "Rimalgio", i.e. loop-in loop without seam, which provides additional comfort and quality of these products.

Perfectly fine hosiery for elegant shoes

Thanks to silver thread bactericidal effect hygienic requirements are met, effective prevention of perspiration odor as well and feet are ensured with comfort.